What Bucket Trucks Do for Industry

Many companies have buckets trucks for industrial use and construction projects. These highly specialized vehicles are easy to identify. They are crucial for jobs where workers must access areas that are too high for a traditional ladder to reach. These trucks come in a wide range of sizes depending on the application. Utility companies use this type of equipment on a regular basis. A bucket truck can make accessing power lines and other difficult to reach places more convenient and safer for the worker.

These trucks have many special features including a storage compartment for project materials and tools. Some have a single outrigger jack while others are equipped with a double-armed jack. Power to run the equipment may come from the vehicle’s motor or an auxiliary engine depending on the truck’s configuration.

Bucket trucks are built for safety and convenience but operators should always remember they are driving heavy equipment. Workers must have the proper training and experience to operate the truck safely. These vehicles require minimal maintenance to stay in good working condition. OSHA guidelines are applied to bucket trucks, just as they are with many types of industrial equipment and machinery. Operators should learn all they can about the truck before attempting to drive it. Most trucks are made of some combination of fiberglass, wood, reinforced plastic and metal. Its primary role is to lift workers off the ground providing them easy access to equipment located at high elevations.

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Bucket trucks are a crucial part of electric, oil & gas, and service businesses.

The truck’s control panel should have all controls clearly marked, so the operator is aware of the various functions. Many vehicles are customized to perform a specific job. Truck owners should always check with the manufacturer before making any modifications that will alter the operation. The manufacturer must approve certain alterations. The vehicle owner should ask for the modification approvals in writing.

For safety purposes, operators should be aware of any manufacturer recommendations for weight distribution and total load. The operator should always engage the emergency brake whenever the truck is not in use. The truck should remain in one place if anyone is occupying the bucket area as moving the vehicle can create a safety hazard. Workers should always inspect the controls before beginning any project to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition.

Anyone operating a bucket truck should take the proper safety precautions and always wear heavy work boots, protective gloves and goggles to protect the eyes. Employees must complete the proper training before they are allowed to operate a truck to reduce the risk of an accident. This equipment is useful for many businesses as long as workers receive the proper training and the vehicle is used in compliance with all OSHA guidelines.

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