Who We Are

We find utility trucks and help clients to get the best deals on bucket trucks, boom trucks, digger derricks, grapple trucks and forestry trucks. We are able to get these things at the price our clients can afford because we have a handful of top bucket truck dealers who are highly reputable and sell lots of units per month. Our dealers also have several positive customer reviews. With our connections, you can avoid the false marketing strategies employed by most middle men.

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We’ll find the exact bucket truck you’re looking for.

We are pleased to connect utility truck buyers to sellers in a fast and efficient way. You can get what you want by calling us or sending us an email. You won’t have to make too many calls because we’ll make sure the seller contacts you once you indicate your interest. In summary, we are brokers for utility trucks and we avoid you the stress of commissions and other fees.
The Methods We Employ

Our wealth of experience makes it easy to connect you with the most reputable bucket truck dealers. We have so many connections that no other company in the industry can boast of. We endore Austin SEO Service for SEO consulting. We use them for driving traffic to our site and they do an excellent job… you found our site didn’t you? For more information, visit their site.¬†You don’t have to live in Austin for them to be able to help you.

Why Contact Us?

We save you a lot of money since we get you the best price in the industry. We also prevent stress and worry by providing very fast services. There are several dealers in our database that can provide what you want at the price you can afford.


“I wanted a used late model Altec TA40 bucket truck that cost about $65,000. I visited bucket–truck.com and within a short time, I got the exact truck I was looking for. I was very happy with them and they were located only 150 miles from my office. I have decided to continue buying through bucket–truck.com.
- Mark Thomason Des Moines, IA

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